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Tour The F150 Lightning: The Most Innovative Truck Ford Has Ever Built

admin | June, 20 2022


Ford’s most impressive innovation is the launch of the all-electric F150 Lightning. This pickup truck has zero emissions without compromising power capabilities. The Ford Lightning retains many of the same features as the F-150, but it swaps out its gasoline-powered V-6 engine and V-8 for two electric motors and battery packs. The Standard-Range battery can deliver up to 230 miles on a single charge, while the Extended-Range juice packs can provide up to 320 miles.

This isn’t the first electric pickup truck that hit the market; the GMC’s Hummer EV SUT and the Rivian T were also launched this past year. However, neither of these pickup trucks has the same strength as the F150 name—and neither has been able to match its popularity among Americans who want a tough vehicle that can tackle anything from family camping trips to cross-country road trips. The electric version of America’s favorite truck is also available at a lower price than these other vehicles, making it even more appealing for customers who want an electric vehicle but don’t want to spend too much money on one.

The Standard-Range batteries produce 452 horsepower. However, the Extended-Range batteries can generate 580 horsepower. Peak torque with either set is a staggering 775 pound-feet. 

Take a Video Tour Through the F-150 Lightning 

Explore what the F-150 Lightning offers with this walkthrough video from the #1 Ford Dealer in the world, Bill Brown Ford. Located in Livonia, Michigan, Bill Brown took home the title for the #1 Volume Ford Dealer in 2021. They are also the #1 selling AXZ-Plan Pricing for Ford employee incentives. Although order banks are currently closed for the Ford F-150 Lightning, you can “Save Your Spot” on Bill Brown Ford’s priority list for when Ford starts accepting orders later this year. 


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